Hello and welcome to the AAP website!

AAP was founded in the year 2000 and released thirty pamphlets before focusing on online publishing in 2007. As of the end of 2020, we are putting the project on hiatus. Gabriel, who has maintained it over the years, has a new blog and text archive, LeftTwoThree - needless to say, we think you should all check it out!

The archive here remains open, of course! It includes some of our pamphlets as well as essays, reviews, interviews, and short stories. Additional material, such as guest contributions, can be found under Miscellaneous.

We will remain reachable by email at contact[at]alpineanarchist[dot]org.

Should anything change regarding the status of AAP (as in: us reactivating the project), you'll be the first to know!

*Love and force*

December 2020

PS: The DIY aspect of AAP was not lost when we decided on an online presence. We knew nothing about websites and hence the result was not entirely satisfying. For example, printing from the site can be an adventure, so please check your settings before you give it a go. Thanks for being generous!