Short Stories

All of these stories appeared in various short story collections we published. Two - »Nine Postcards. The Miguel Echevarria Story« and »Rhymes« - appeared as individual pamphlets.

$54.38, or The Drugstore Story
One of our earliest stories. Still one of the favorites of the inner AAP circles. Making that wrong call when you definitely shouldn’t have seems to strike a chord with many of us.

A Letter from Essaouira
A somewhat weird homage to a town of wonders. “Castles in the Sand” – do we need to say more?

A Little Ghost Story
One of our entertainment stories. For New Agers and such.

This probably just sums up a feeling many of us often had traveling: You get help and feel indebted – and as it turns out to the enemy.

Indecisiveness. Might very well be an AAP feature. At least at times.

Crushed Soul
"Stories of Love and Heartbreak" 1.

Down by the River
"Stories of Love and Heartbreak" 2.

I Didn't Know Anything About Philadelphia (or: Kristy, Lance, and I)
"Stories of Love and Heartbreak" 3.

It was 4.27 am, or Jocky Was No More, and Zack Slept More Peacefully
It all started with the rooster. Then things just went from there.

Jah Bless, or A Privileged Kid's Lament
We have many pieces that were mainly written to make time pass. This is one of those that turned out okay – or at least makes some of us laugh.

Judy, or Just a Block with a Name
Love and sadness and such.

Loner, the Dog
Somewhat surprisingly, this is one of our most popular stories. A rather wild mix of themes really, but apparently somehow charming. Maybe it is the dog.

Looking for the Way
Maybe our defining short story. The remaining favorite of many of us. Not despite the lone male cliché but because of it. Socialization is a hard nut to crack. But honesty should get you further than denial. (Or so we hope.)

My Grandmother and the Partisans
One reader liked the idea of thinking about your grandmother’s possible lovers. The story is not only about that though...

Nine Postcards. The Miguel Echevarria Story
A young American traveler disappears in Northern Kenya. Published as AAP 018.

The Raven, Revisited
One of our few political pieces. We still like the general idea.

One of the first stories we published. Remains a sentimental favorite within the AAP circles. Published as AAP 006.

Almost one of the "Stories of Love and Heartbreak", but with a direction of its own.

The Time Traveler
The closest we ever got to Sci-Fi. Don’t expect much though. Real Sci-Fi readers will sneer at it. It might evoke a smile or two in people with sentimental attachments to the Bay Area though.

The Young Hassid and the Cloud
Another of our own favorites. A parable without reference. You don't find that any old day.

There’s a long history of stories about American bohemians in Paris. See this as our contribution to the genre.

Flash Fiction

We never knew “flash fiction” even existed before we started checking out online fiction sites. We like the term though and now know that some of us have worked on flash fiction for years. Oh, and yes: AAP flash fiction means 500 words or less. Anything more and it ain’t flashin’, as far as we are concerned.

At the Bar
Our Straight Edge flash fiction classic. Possibly the shortest story you’ll ever read.

"If I Die Before I Wake..."
For those who grew up praying.

Kinda Like the Hulk
A very modest story on a very important question.

Nina and Me
Love and sadness and such. The flash fiction version.

No Flashes, No Thoughts
Ever been on a bus in the Ethiopian highlands?

On the Rocking Chair, or For 51 Years
One of us picked up the story somewhere and tried to capture the moment – so to speak.

Paolo, Mozzarella Balls, and Love
Ever been in a deli in Brooklyn?